Audiomatiques has released many times on Unrilis, but also boasts tracks on Codex, Octopus, Respekt and AnalyticTrail. This EP features new remix versions of “Function” that’s a track taken from Audiomatiques’ last EP on Unrilis, which became an underground hit due to the infectious melody of its acid lead synth. First of the remixes is a collaborative effort from influential techno icon The Advent, and exciting new talent M.I.T.A. Their industrial edged rework has frantic energy and high velocity rhythms perfect for maximum impact on the dance floor.


After a couple of great remixes for Noir Music Robert S (PT) delivers his first soloreleaseon the label and I am proud to present these three amazing originals and tworemixes courtesy of Drumcell and The Advent.

Robert and I have been compiling this release over several months and put togetherwhat we felt was a really strong 3-tracker. We have been testing the tracks in the clubsaround the world making sure we had compiled the perfect release and we are bothsuper happy with the end-result.

On top of that we reached out to Drumcell and The Advent for remixes and they bothdelivered fantastic takes on the Exoplanets track.


This release starring by the head of Code Records, Cesar Almena, brings us an original bomb track accompanied by 5 excellent remixes which make this one of the most complete ep’s released by our label up to date by its quality and diversity on all tracks.

Each one gives his vision from the original track resulting an ep for many diverse tastes. Surely among the 6 tracks you will find at least that one you love.